The website “Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth”, has produced an excellent film bringing forth a bounty of information from high level experts and military officials who are challenging the official version of events of 911.   This video trailer is a 15 minute short which sheds light on what you can learn from the information within.      It represents one of the most concise sources of material to date in an effort to bring a largely ill-informed public up-to-speed with the true version of the events along with some of the best documented analysis of the available evidence.

Even in the heart of the ultra-conservative bible belt there’s an awakening going on. Call it a passage through the photon belt – call it ‘enough of this already’ – call it whatever you want, but the time has come for a reckoning as 911 Truth will not be denied.   The time is nigh for accountability.   Truth is like a steamroller – it will run right over you as ordinary citizens are catching on and dancing to a new beat.   Join with us as DJ Sandpiper rocks the house with a dose of 911 Truth at the Depot Bar & Grill in Covington, Georgia.


Mississippi River

Flag.jpg by chza
Flag.jpg, a photo by chza on Flickr.

Taking a moment at the Mississippi River On the Road.  Check out the short romp of stills from the road trip: http://www.flickr.com//photos/chza/sets/72157626568307639/show/

WC at the Little A’Le’Inn on the edge of AREA 51 / Road Diary – Entry 3

Thursday, June 2, 2011

“Miles from nowhere, guess I’ll take my time to reach there, oh yeah.” We shoulda had Cat Steven’s song playing those last long miles down Extraterrestrial Highway on our way to Rachel and the Little A’le’Inn. I’d heard from many of my friends from the UFO Conventions about its quaint charm, warmth and welcoming atmosphere but it was especially delightful to finally experience it for myself. I don’t recall our Truth Depot Van meeting a single pair of headlights along the entire 50 mile ribbon-like stretch.

Upon our arrival their pedestal-perched saucer craft’s lights were revolving in two directions, looking very authentic from as far away as a half mile down the road. And there were at least a half dozen or more well-wishers awaiting our arrival at the bar as we walked in. Yes, we were running a little late as the rigors of the week-long road trip were gnawing at us on a daily basis. But not to worry, the bounty of natural wonders were to be found in abundance in spite of the chilly high desert winds. As an amateur astronomer I’ve managed to find crystal clear skies hither and yon on numerous occasions but none more spectacular than these on this new moon Wednesday nite. Star clusters M8 and M22 were naked-eye viewable in the pristine cloudless night sky.

Although we didn’t have quite an adequate tank to make it all the way to the ‘black mailbox’ then and there, we did cruise in that direction for 5 miles or so just to see what we could see. There was some activity from military planes dropping flares which gave us a start for a few minutes, but we were able to discern that the brilliantly glowing orange lights were not likely of extra-terrestrial origin. Never-the-less, we braved the chilly winds there on the outskirts of Area 51 for about half an hour before opting out of the field and back to the comfort of our modest but comfortable rooms.

We had just about every single outlet filled with our charger plugs replenishing batteries for cameras, phones, computers and hard drives as we uploaded, offloaded and downloaded seven ways from Sunday.
As morning broke, I was first into the shower in order to get a head-start on my sleep-bound crew exhausted from the grueling non-stop schedule of daily shoots that blend one into the other with seldom enough rest in between. As the sleepy-heads dragged themselves in to the Little A’le’Inn’s breakfast bar, hot plates of corned-beef hash and eggs revitalized their minds and bodies like one of those reportedly favorable abductions from a benevolent race of aliens.

After a brief discussion of particulars regarding our request for filming opps our most hospitable of hosts Connie and Pat gave us a rundown on their Little A’le’Inn’s history and recent events, guests and other fascinating tales rendering a painter’s palette of insightems about this little outpost in the outback just a saucer-hop away from Groom Lake.

Check out my interview with Connie and how it was that I was able to get two, count-em, two hugs from this charming lady before the interview was done:) Thank you Connie and Pat. It was all very delightful.

For contact: www.littlealeinn.com

W.C. Moore

NASA Thugs at it Again? WC Moore V. Carl Clarke / Road Diary – Entry 2

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Truth Depot rolled in to the seemingly boundless acreage of the Houston Space Center all teeming with tourists. A quick survey of the parking lot told the story that it was likely to be a capacity crowd inside.
A large colorful slide tube for the kiddies, like at McDonalds, was flanking the right quadrant just past the entrance. The lines at every gate awaiting the next ride or event, reminded me of the Museum of Natural History in New York, only the natural wonders were replaced by those of man’s creation.

The Tram Tour snaked us along to Mission Control and Rocket Park. The outside rocket displays were noteworthy, but the life-size Saturn V mock-up inside the mammoth hangar was stupefying. I always knew that thing was big, but I still wasn’t prepared for this sort of enormity of scope. So huge it was that I could imagine clouds forming near the top of the hangar, while the 3 stages of he rocket were splayed out horizontally one after the other.

The tour of Mission Control was far less impressive but still much more ‘rewarding’. Our tram group of 50 to 60 was ushered into seats in tiered arrangement like a movie theater. We were looking through a plate-glass wall into the original Houston Control, not a mock-up or rebuild. A slender kid of perhaps 20-something rattled off from rote memory the history of the revered control room at a speed and uninspiring monotony that could put a crack-addict to sleep. When his schpiel finally ended, he delighted us by offering the invitation to anyone interested to come over to the side for a round of Q&A. Our crews producer Jim and I were quick to avail as we scurried over with camera rolling while all the others filed out in the other direction.

In jest, I opened up with a complement praising his mastery of the lengthy script and asked how long it took him to arrive at that level of performance. “About 4 years”, he said. I quickly maneuvered around in asking if, in all that time, he’d ever had anyone challenge the credibility of NASA’s official accounting of the Apollo Moon Missions. “Oh yeah, all the time,” he admitted.

It got still more interesting as the engagement ensued ….. Hope you’ll find it as tantalizingly telling as Jim and I did.

From San Antonio and Roswell-bound – The Truth Depot crew signing off.

Regards, W.C. Moore

Interview with Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox / Road Diary – Entry 1

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Truth Depot crew pulled out from Covington, Georgia just before 11:00AM on Wednesday morning and made it into Tuscaloosa by 3:00PM just in time to rendezvous with Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox at City Hall. He was ever-so gracious in sharing his time with us to recount what he and the entire city of Tuscaloosa residents found themselves confronted with on that tragic day of their devastating storms. He gave us a concise and highly informative rundown on the progress of the recovery efforts to date.

On one additional note, I inquired if he had any information about the HAARP project in Alaska and its potential use for weather modification. He acknowledged that he did not. HAARP, stands for High Active Aurora Research Project which can be used for research projects which deal with weather modification. Official sources acknowledge that the facility has the capability of exacerbating selected areas of storm activity and is active in doing tests of its capacity. The European Parliament has recently broached the issue of how it is that these facilities (there are numerous of them scattered around the globe) can be used for weather pattern experiments and that these ‘tests’ should be made fully accessible to he public at large. It is clarified that any such testing should be carefully monitored so as to ascertain that it is channeled only in those areas of its specific chosen application, as any errors or mis-use could have devastating effects on people in areas that might fall into accidental exposure.

I provided the mayor with a packet of information about HAARP for perusal at his leisure. He expressed appreciation for the alert. For more information about HAARP check the included link listed below:

We will be leaving early this morning (Thursday) for a planned interview on Friday with the celebrated author Jim Marrs just outside of Dallas. We will continue along in our journey the following day to Houston for a visit at Houston Space Center.


W.C. Moore, The Truth Depot

911 TRUTH / The Truth Depot Radio / Episode 1 / Segment 4

We’ve been sold the grandest conspiracy theory of all with the false-flag operation of 911.    That of a bearded man with acute kidney disease requiring regular dialysis, operating from a cave with a laptop on his knees, successfully commanding a rag-tag team of muslim misfits into getting the jump on the foremost hi-tech military power in the world.

GLOBAL ASSAULT ON HEALTH / The Truth Depot Radio / Episode 1 / Segment 3

There are so many ways in which our shadow government is actively compromising the health and welfare of its American citizens, that it’s impossible to gauge the impact with a narrow focus.   One has to study the overview of what’s really going on with regards to A.I.D.’s, mercury-laden vaccines, the toxic aspartame sweetener in our food supply, fluoride in the water and chemtrails dusting campaigns from above.   And that’s just for starters.

WARS IN THE NAME OF GOD? / The Truth Depot Radio / Episode 1 / Segment 2

The United States is the most war-mongering nation on the planet.   Children are taught from an early age that going to battle for their country in wars that are instigated, funded and executed by their leaders is their patriotic duty which will guarantee their own freedom and democracy.   In fact, when so doctrinated, they merely become pawns in a game they don’t understand.

U.S. GLOBAL IMPERIALISM / The Truth Depot Radio / Episode 1 / Segment 1

W.C. Moore’s debut in ‘The Truth Depot’, where reality stays right on track. Commentary highlights from celebrated author, Jim Marrs, Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, PhD Michael Parenti, Captain Joyce Riley and many others.

American citizens are predominantly schooled and indoctrinated to believe that our country stands for peace, freedom and democracy the world-over.   Unfortunately nothing is farther from the truth.   Overwhelmingly the American public is captivated by an elitist-controlled press which dictates their options to them as to how they should think and feel while training them all to expect to give up more and more of their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

Sample Video For MOVING TRUTH Documentary

K Pacific Productions (Jim Choi and Chihiro Wimbush) and WC Moore have teamed up to make a film about the Truth Movement, through the struggles of common folks like WC. Watch the clip tell us what you think?  Donate to the upcoming Indie GoGo campaign.  Get involved by sending us your TRUTH OUT, sites to visit.

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